(The Barker Twins™)
Written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola

Published May 12, 2003
G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York

ISBN 0-399-24010-1
LC 2002108717
Copyright © 2003 by Tomie dePaola
6 5/8” (width) x 7 ½” (height)
Hardcover, Board Book, 14 pages, unnumbered
Reading Level – Ages 0 up

From the publisher’s catalog…
     Join Marcos, the adopted little brother of twins Morgie and Moffie, as he learns his colors.  Morgie teaches Marcos colors, ending in a beautiful rainbow, and Marcos repeats them in Spanish – a red tomato is “rojo”; the blue sky is “azul.”  This simple colorful board book is a fun way to explore basic concepts and learn elementary Spanish at the same time.

One of CHILD magazine’s “50 Best Books of 2003” (along with MARCOS COUNTS)

“The bright, bordered pictures will be easy for kids to look at and learn from; the objects used for Marcos to practice on are all things children like – books, toys, and crayons.”

“DePaola’s signature watercolors, featuring bright clear hues on a clean white background, have tremendous charm and child appeal.”

Editor – Margaret Frith
Art Director – Cecilia Yung
Book Designer –

     For Roger, who taught me my colors.  tdep

About the dedication…
     Roger Crossgrove was Tomie’s painting instructor at Pratt Institute.

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