Written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola

Published February 17, 2005
G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York

ISBN 0-399-24338-0
LC 2004009261
Copyright © 2005 by Tomie dePaola
8” (width) x 10” (height)
Hardcover, Picture Book, 32 pages, unnumbered
Reading Level – Ages 4 up

From the book’s flap copy…
Miss Bird announces that Tommy’s class will be putting on the spring play for the whole school. When she says they will be performing Peter Rabbit, Tommy can hardly sit still. He’s sure he will be the perfect Peter.
    But Tommy is so excited that he talks too much and doesn’t listen. So Miss Bird gives the part of Peter to Johnny, and Tommy has to play Mopsy, one of the rabbits.
    Tommy is disappointed until he gets an idea. Maybe he can’t be the star, but he can get the audience’s attention. Mopsy steals the show. Then he can’t figure out why Miss Bird and his mom are not shouting out “Bravo!”
    Drawing on childhood memories, Tomie dePaola gives readers a warm and funny story sure to appeal to kids who will love being stagestruck!

“Children will empathize with Tommy all the way, from ambition to temptation to reconciliation. The gently delivered lesson at the end does not dampen the fun of watching this aspiring thespian get carried away when he hears the audience respond to his onstage antics.”

“Teachers putting on classroom plays of their own will find this story useful, both for its thoughtful exploration of appropriate behavior on stage and for a general introduction to the theatrical experience.”

Starred Review
“Gentle humor and realistic childhood emotions abound in this tale of the ups and downs of a budding performer.”

“Through both words and pictures, the artist sets the stage for a fun story that kids will love, and a good lesson about sharing the limelight.”

Editor – Margaret Frith
Art Director – Cecilia Yung
Book Designer – Gina DiMassi

The art was done on Fabriano 140 lb., 100 percent rag handmade paper using acrylics.

     For “Miss Leah,”
     her cousin “Miss Rhoda” –
     and “Miss Ranger Diane”
     who had her moment in the spotlight, too.

About the dedication…
     Miss Leah was Tomie’s childhood dancing teacher.
     Miss Rhoda was Miss Leah’s cousin who helped at the dancing school.
     Miss Ranger Diane is a friend who currently helps Tomie line his illustration paper. A younger Diane was a professional actress in movies and on stage. She was featured in the first “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” Alka-Seltzer commercials.

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